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For two long years my family and I went through a living Hell. Imagine that you are an innocent person….a parent…a hard-working employee with a great family and good friends. Now try to imagine living for months with the possibility of not being able to enjoy that….living in fear of not being able to hold your children…..in fear of not being able to find a decent job.

It’s unimaginable and if this exact thing hadn’t happened to me I never would have believed it could happen. But it did. Two years ago I was wrongfully accused of a sex crime. The accusation was absurd and completely false. I never truly believed that the accusation would lead to anything at all. But it did. I was eventually charged and arrested and the horrible nightmare had begun. I lost a great job almost immediately and had no choice but to rely on the Public Defenders Office for my defense. For 16 months they had my case and accomplished very little. Understandable considering their workload. They were, however, able to obtain many valuable records and other evidence that clearly pointed to the truth….I was an innocent person being prosecuted for a crime I did not commit. The prosecutor was made aware of these findings but she continued to persecute me. I had even voluntarily taken and passed a polygraph test. It didn’t matter. Apparently the only thing that did matter to the State was winning a court case that never should have become a case in the first place. Time passed and I eventually was able to find a job in a field that does not do background checks. I was able to live but with nothing extra. I made my attorneys aware of my work situation and living arrangements. A trial date had been set a few different times but as the “final” date was rapidly approaching I was extremely concerned about my defense. I thought it was weak so I wrote a letter to the State outlining my concerns. Shortly after discussing this letter with my attorneys they had me reviewed by the court to evaluate whether or not I qualified for a Public Defender. The Judge ruled that they would have to continue to represent me at trial. However, after a second review the Public Defenders Office was able to convince the Judge that they could not represent me and he released them from the responsibility of representing me at trial. Three weeks to trial and I didn’t have an attorney……my heart sank. The Judge was gracious enough to allow me time to get another attorney even though the prosecutor argued aggressively to keep the trial on schedule. I was petrified. Even though I was crushed and over-whelmed with hopelessness, my family and I pushed on. A law enforcement friend of my brothers suggested Catherine to us and, as a family, we were able to retain her services. Catherine and her assistant had very little time to prepare. The Judge gave her four months. The State had been working on it for nearly two years with many more resources. Catherine went to work. She believed in us and she believed in our case. She never stopped believing or working. I truly believed that it would never go to trial. I believed my accuser would not dare to even show up.

Thank God Catherine did not have that attitude because it went to trial. And when the time came she was PREPARED! When we needed her the most she was READY! My request to Catherine from the second I met her was to tell my story. I wanted the court to know the truth, to be acquitted and vindicated so that I could have my life back. Catherine is a determined and diligent person and I knew she would do her best. The trial was awful. We ran into one road block after another. The State was able to preclude 90% of our evidence. After a few days it was looking bad. Spirits sank and tears flowed. But Catherine was not having it. She rallied us and was able to lift our heads and keep fighting. At the end of the trial Catherine had told our story and we won! SHE IS AMAZING!!!


Punctual, Affordable, and Hard Working
My boyfriend was fighting around 13 or so separate cases and facing a lot of time in prison. He was working hard on turning his life around and she believed in him when so many didn’t. She very aggressively pursued all of his court cases, was always there and then some! Went up and beyond every time we were with her. Was always more than punctual at returning any phone calls we made. She was very affordable for our family, and I would and do hands down recommend her to anyone! She is seriously an amazing hard working woman and we appreciate and thank her to this day!


Awesome Attorney
Catherine knows what she’s doing and executes like a pro. She guided me through everything with clear and timely communication and, at every step of the way, it was obvious that she knows the criminal process inside and out. She’s an excellent advocate who really took the time to learn about me and my case and made sure that I got the best outcome possible. Definitely not the type to phone anything in. Highly recommended!!

-Anonymous Client

Catherine is a great lawyer. She helped me,my brother,and a friend all on separate cases and i speak for all three of us and our families when I say how much we appreciate her help. Thanks again Catherine!


Professional, Competent, Down To Earth
Catherine has represented me in several very different situations. She’s professional, creative, competent and down to earth. She was on my side until the end whether we had success or not.

-Anonymous Client

Catherine Turner is currently accepting new clients facing FEDERAL charges only.


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Catherine Turner
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