Driver and Vehicle Services

This page will direct you to information about getting license records, office locations, and all the other driving related stuff you may need.

Driver’s license Information

Driver Diversion Program

DDP allows participants to drive legally while paying outstanding citations that affect their driver’s license.

Ignition Interlock

If you have lost your license because of an alcohol related offense, you probably qualify for a limited license under the new Ignition Interlock rules. The interlock program allows a driver with a revoked or canceled license to drive their car with a machine that checks their breath for alcohol before they can drive away. The programs are similar but have different terms. You can find review the Program Guidelines and how to apply here:

MADD Victim Impact Panels

A one-time two hour program in which you will hear the experience of victims of drunk driving accidents and the consequences of their actions. When you complete the program, you will receive a certificate. You must hold on to this piece of paper! They only give you one and if you lose it, you will have to do the program over again! Get your certificate and make copies of it!

On this site you can find a schedule for programs in your area.


DWI Alcohol Education Programs

Often after you do a chemical health assessment, there may be recommendations for further programming, treatment or education. Below is a list of places that provide levels 1 & 2 Driving With Care classes:

Driving with Care Providers
Rehab Continuums, Inc.
The Feel Good Place
Freedom Chemical Health Services
Nystrom & Associates
Wright County Area
Minnesota Recovery Connection
Drug Alcohol Classes

If you are extra interested in DWI law, you can check out more information on my DWI/DUI page.

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