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Catherine is a Minnesota Bar Association Certified Criminal Law Specialist and has been practicing criminal defense exclusively since 2005. She has worked as both a full time and part time public defender, as well as represented clients privately in state and federal court. She has had over 40 jury trials and is regularly found cross-examining law enforcement agents in suppression hearings. She has success getting charges dismissed, as well as convincing judges to reduce or mitigate sentences to her client’s benefit.

If you have made a mistake, she won’t judge you. If you’re wrongfully accused, she will go to the mat to try and prevent your conviction. She will listen with compassion, and zealously advocate for you. While some cases do end up in trial, the vast majority resolve without a formal verdict. Catherine is just as tough negotiating with the prosecutor as she is arguing before a jury. Everybody’s case is different, and Catherine has the experience, knowledge, and skills to defend you no matter what the circumstances.

Why go with Catherine?

Catherine believes in being honest and direct with her clients. Whether it’s explaining complex legal topics, discussing options, or talking about your side of what happened, Catherine will listen. She will explain your rights and what to expect throughout the criminal process. She will talk to you about what your priorities are, and what she can realistically do for you. Sometimes the best thing to do is go to trial. Sometimes it’s not. Catherine knows that criminal convictions have broad collateral consequences that follow people way beyond the courtroom. She wants to help you keep your record clean. She will fight the Government. She’s here to fight for you!

Catherine serves as a mentor to younger lawyers, and trains her peers in important legal topics both in Minnesota and on a national level.

Check out some of the topics on which Catherine has presented:

The Great Google Fishing Expedition: Challenging Geofence Reverse Location Data Post-Carpenter
February 2020, NACDL Mid-Winter Conference, San Diego

Read more about this topic here.

A Practitioner’s Guide to Fighting Eye-Witness and Cross-Racial Identification
February, April 2019; local seminars for public defenders, Minnesota

The State of the Fourth Amendment in the Age of Edward Snowden
September 2015, Ramsey County Bar Association

A Holistic Approach to Representing Clients with Mental Health Challenges
May 2014, Minnesota Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Catherine Turner is currently accepting new clients facing FEDERAL charges only.


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Catherine Turner
Call Catherine Turner for experienced, professional and aggressive criminal defense help. She can help guide you through the criminal justice system and be your advocate inside and outside the courtroom!

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